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An image of bold wallpaper in a stylish bathroom


Chicago, IL


We just moved to town and I asked my friend if she had any people who could help me unpack boxes to at least get our kitchen done.   She referred me to Karie at OM, which should be renamed OMG, because Karie jumped in with very little direction and started unpacking, organizing and setting a strategy for where to put everything and it was all so much better than I would have done.  She even brought some of her own organization containers that I could reimburse her for, because she knows what most kitchens need. That was just day 1.  She advised built in drawers for our cabinets, containers and hangers....all things to make us super organized.  On Day 2, I bought a block of hours because I knew I wanted her expertise with the whole house.  

She has helped me do research online for furnishings, gone to the paint store with me, and next - Ikea!   She's working on our art, framing things and advising where things go, helping me with building out a wet bar, wallpaper, lighting, you name it.  She understands our style and our budget and has been a really awesome and fun partner to work with on this nesting process.   

I don't know how I could juggle this all with my work during the day and make the progress we've made without Karie.  She deserves all the kudos because there are few people like her that are so talented, diligent, creative, reliable, and fun to work with, and I am tough one to please-- Type A, entrepreneur, running a mile a minute.  She is the best!

Closet organization photos


Austin, TX

I have to admit that I'm a little embarrassed about the state of my abode - I consider myself an organized person but I just don't know how to avoid piles of random papers or things that are placed somewhere, literally years ago, with the aspiration to organize them "someday". So when I heard about OM Organizing I was thrilled. Karie came over and, without judgment, gave me MANY innovative and affordable solution ideas. I was so inspired that I tackled my closet first and to my surprise, it took less time and effort than I thought. If you could use some expert advice and inspiration I highly recommend OM Organizing.

Before and after pictures of organized kitchen shelves


Austin, TX


Karie was so helpful in getting my kitchen reorganized to accommodate all the baby items that we added to our kitchen. She was quick to respond and brought some amazing storage devices to organize all the bottles and the pump parts. I really enjoyed Karrie's work style and responsiveness to questions. I will definitely be hiring her again!

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